mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

Pitchless Radio tonight (Weds 29th June) on iLL fm

Pitchless Radio walks through shifting sands in an unhurried summer kind of a way to finally reach the pixellated beach hut where music plays for your listening pleasure on iLL FM this evening Wednesday 29th June from 20:00 – Midnight (ish).
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Raveboy – DJ set
This month's Czech Konnection features a set from Raveboy, from Roots n Future. The set was recorded in Wakata, Prague, as a soundtrack to a silent movie. Raveboy delivered a set that stretched from electro classics, through ambient and some harder industrial tinged sounds to insular soundscapes from imploding cities.
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FZV – album launch
FZV will be airing a preview of his new DIY produced album SOUNDSUMP - available now from
"Dirty twisted machine funk... An excellent array of brooding deep subsonic tones collide with metallic breaks to create a killer selection of dark soundscape-infused dance tracks – DJ Controlled Weirdness"
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Crystal Distortion - liveset
Crystal Distortion (Spiral Tribe, LabRat Audio) returns to Pitchless Radio in preparation for this weekend's Full Vibes festival in Czech ( for more info).
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Dave Pitchless – History of Gabba – Blut records
>>[start]\\ This month's "History of an {indefinable genre of music}" is a tour through the archives of Blut records, hosted by Dave Pitchless. -.- Expect a retrospective of this now sadly defunKt label, [mid] formerly operating out of Hamburg > Germany.... fear-turing classic tracks from Taciturne, Low Entropy and EPC, showcasing this influential but underrated label -.- Funeral muzak for the fall of us? //[end]<<
As ever you can log into the chat room to delight and inspire at
Following the broadcast, all sets will be archived in listenable and downloadable form at &

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