martedì 28 giugno 2011

29 June : Solidarity with Greece everywhere !

Here's the translation of a french calling about the situation in Greece.
Here's the original :


The situation in Greece is not sustainable. Cops and fascists attacks have multiplied in recent weeks against immigrants, people with struggles and squats.This repression and radicalization occur in parallel with an unprecedented attack of the living conditions of the people. In France, the media continue their propaganda on the necessary austerity plan that "deserve" the Greeks, hiding the facts. Banks continue to plunder the Greek people.Our rulers have played an active role in the development of this plan.The State considered that it was not banks or insurance to pay for the crisis, and today it continues to support the same banks that starve the people of Greece.
This is no longer acceptable.
Fortunately, the Greek resistance is active and some of the people remains rebellious. 28 and 29 June, there will be a general strike of 48 hours this time and it is expected a huge mobilization and a besiege of Parliament in Syntagma Square, in which will be voted on the establishment of a new austerity plan (tax increases and privatization of large public companies).
In this turbulent environment, in addition since May 25, the movement of indignation. Despite its difficulties in the organization and its apparent diversity, it has successfully launched a new dynamic (most large gatherings, about 20 people's congresses in Athens and even more throughout the country), which causes tremors to within the ruling party 'socialist'.
At the moment Greece is the first front in Europe relating to the attack capitalist austerity plans, police repression, fascist attacks and para-statal ...
At the same time, popular responses, mostly self-managed initiatives, increasing at a rapid pace. The struggles are hard and dangerous, but people in permanent insurrection continues to fight more than ever, bitter with anger, determined to reverse this state of affairs became unbearable.

The outcome of this struggle, whatever it is, will be significant in terms of the overall anti-capitalist struggle. Opposing front, the Greek people reminds us of how necessary it is to arm oneselves with courage and to show total solidarity with our brothers and sisters in struggle. This battle concerns us all. The Greek people must not deliver it alone!
Following the call by fellow Greek, an evening of support has enabled this Thursday, June 24 to disseminate information to interested parties, raise money, and build relationships. During the evening, it was decided to organize a solidarity action in Lyon.
Because solidarity has always been and remain the first of our weapons, because no battle is isolated, because from Lyon to Athens we do not tolerate and will not tolerate hate speech or racist and fascist actions
• We call on all people to follow the call for international solidarity by means that seem most appropriate,
• We also call on all people to come together on Wednesday June 29 at 5.30 pm, place des Terreaux.
• Finally, we call for similar gatherings in other cities of this world this Wednesday, June 29, during the general strike in Greece

Η αλληλεγγ?η, το ?πλο των λα?ν!
Solidarity, the weapon of the people!
More info:; (English)

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